The Burn Ban is Lifted: Don’t Be That Guy

September 1, 2022 | By Sean Bartram

Burn Ban is Lifted Atlanta GA

Summer is almost over, which means that the summer ban on outdoor burning in Georgia will be lifted soon. Georgia’s Summer Burn Ban runs annually from May 1 to September 30. But just because you can burn, doesn’t mean that you should.

The Environmental Protection Division of the State of Georgia defines open burning as any outdoor fire from which the products of combustion are emitted directly into the open air without passing through a stack, chimney, or duct. The maximum fine for illegally burning waste is $25,000 per day per violation. During the Summer Burn Ban, some of the illegal burning activities in 54 counties include: the reduction of leaves, acquired structure burns, and vegetative debris from storms. Other activities like weed abatement, land clearing, and pest prevention are also illegal. There are 30 Georgia counties with populations of 65,000 people or more that have non-summer burning bans from October 1 to April 30. For more information about open burning laws, visit the Georgia EPD website here.

It’s important to note that burning your garbage and waste in burn barrels or fire pits has a negative effect on our atmosphere. Some household products contain dioxins that when burned, are released into the air. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, dioxins are pollutants that are known to cause cancer, reproductive and development problems, and also can damage your immune system and influence hormones. They are classified as persistent organic pollutants because they take an extended period of time to break down once they are released into the air. Dioxins can settle on crops and grass that are eaten by domestic meat and dairy animals. Unnervingly enough, the dioxins are still present even after the animal has been butchered for human consumption. The open burning of waste can also release other pollutants such as mercury, lead, and sulfur dioxide. 

Open burning is also inconsiderate of your neighbors, exposing them to a second-hand smoke effect and putting their health at risk. Outside of you and your household, your neighbors will be the first to experience the toxic pollutants that are being emitted because of your burning.

So what can you do as an alternative to open burning? The first step is to stop burning your garbage. There are no exceptions. The second step is to begin reusing items whenever you can and to start reducing waste by buying household items in bulk so that they last longer. Finally, when you need to dispose of your waste, you need to do so properly using a waste transfer station. ADM Rolloff can assist you with this. In addition to providing dumpster rentals, we have a waste transfer station in Atlanta where you can drop off a large variety of trash as long as it isn’t liquids, paint, or hazardous materials. For a small fee, we’ll dispose of it in a responsible manner that is safe for the environment.

Our waste transfer station in Hampton, GA is the perfect place for you to dispose of your waste. Let’s work together to ensure everyone can enjoy the air they breathe. Don’t hesitate to give us a call today!