Green Waste and Our Mulch Yard Services

May 2, 2022 | By Sean Bartram

Green Waste Dumpster Rental Atlanta GA

Spring is a great time to prepare your yard for the summer heat. With temperatures regularly exceeding 90 degrees, Georgia summers can be brutal on your trees and plants. Proactivity with your yard care can help your trees and plants survive the hot summer ahead. Yard work can create a lot of green waste to dispose of. One common solution is the burning method. This method is not ideal for the environment or your time. It also requires a burn permit and some effort to obey burn restrictions. ADM Rolloff has an easy and fast solution for your green waste: our Mulch Yard. The process is simple and your green waste will be properly recycled. Once you finish your yard maintenance, come visit our Mulch Yard!

Tips for Yard Maintenance

  • Pruning–Many plants require pruning for optimal health. Pruning carefully and at the right time is important to avoid weakening your tree or shrub. Pruning removes diseased, damaged, and unproductive parts of the tree or shrub to ensure that the nutrients are being delivered to the fruitful parts. Removing disease or damage before the summer is vital because the extreme temperatures are often too harsh for sickly or damaged trees. Additionally, pests are common in the summer season and enjoy feasting on vulnerable plants. 
  • Mulching–Adding mulch is a simple and powerful way to improve the health of your yard. Mulch has many benefits for your plants when utilized properly. During the summer, a layer of mulch could protect your tree or shrub’s roots from becoming scorched. Mulch also seals in the moisture needed to prevent drying out. Not only does mulch act as a protective barrier, it also deposits nutrients into your soil as it breaks down. Your plants’ roots will absorb the nutrients and have better health as a result. Mulch only provides all these benefits when applied properly. We recommend creating a three-inch deep donut shaped layer of mulch around the base of your trees or shrubs. The donut shape ensures that the mulch does not touch the base of the tree. Building up mulch around the base of the tree can encourage rot and fungus. Organic mulch is the best choice for supplementing your soil. At ADM Rolloff, we have our own mulch yard to supply homeowners with quality mulch made from trees and plants from our area. Using locally sourced mulch will ensure a harmonious blend with your soil. 

How our Mulch Yard Works

When we receive green waste at our Mulch Yard, we recycle it into quality mulch which can then be utilized for the good of our environment. Recycling your green waste is a simple way to help improve the health of trees and shrubs in our community. The process at the Mulch Yard is simple. All you have to do is bring your truckload of green waste and drop it off. We’ll weigh you on the way in and on the way out making payment super easy, and then we’ll handle the rest. If your yard project seems like more than can fit in your truck or you have experienced storm damage, a dumpster for your green waste may be a more practical solution. Our dumpsters used for green waste can be loaded up with all of your yard waste and will be picked up for recycling. 

ADM Rolloff strives to help you maintain a yard that you are proud of! Schedule your green waste dumpster or visit our Mulch Yard today!