Use ADM Rolloff Transfer Station For Your Junk Disposal

November 9, 2021 | By Sean Bartram

Waste Transfer Station Hampton GA

As the heat finally starts to fade, fall is a great season for cleaning and home improvement projects. Whether you are renovating a bathroom or deep cleaning your garage, you can accumulate more debris or junk than will fit in your weekly trash. Also, some items may not be accepted by your garbage service. If you have just a truck load or two, our transfer station is an ideal choice. Our transfer station at ADM Rolloff in Hampton, GA can be trusted to dispose of your trash and junk with the utmost respect for our environment.

What We Accept

Other than liquids or hazardous materials, we can accept almost anything else. From old furniture to electronics to appliances to scrap metal to tires, you can count on us to handle your junk. If you are unsure about whether your junk would be accepted, give us a call! We are happy to provide clarity.

The Process

Load up your junk and trash in your truck or vehicle and drive over to our transfer station. We’ll weigh you on the way in, you off load your trash, and we’ll weigh you again on the way out…making the payment process super simple. Our station is more affordable and more accepting than typical garbage dumps. We have streamlined and simplified the dumping process so that it is the easiest and most affordable option whether you are dumping residential, commercial, construction, or industrial refuse.

Why it Matters

We all have a responsibility to our world and the future generations to care for our trash and junk appropriately. With our transfer station, you can feel confident that what you leave with us will be recycled and disposed of in the kindest ways possible for our environment. Instead of burning your trash and polluting the environment, leave your excess trash and junk with us.

Why Choose ADM Rolloff

For over 20 years, our company has provided reliable care and quality dumpsters to individuals and companies in the Atlanta area. Our proven track record should reassure you that we have the capability to handle your junk properly. Also, we are a family-owned company with deep ties to our community. We will always do the right thing by our customers. Beyond that, our company is licensed and credentialed, so we can be trusted to follow the laws and proper disposal practices.

If you have too much junk and trash for your weekly pickup, save your money and effort going to a dump and use our transfer station instead. We will make the process simpler for you each step of the way. Call ADM Rolloff today if you need more information!