Eco-Friendly Disposal

August 3, 2021 | By Jake Bartram

Environmentally Friendly Disposal Atlanta

Disposing of waste responsibly is an investment in the next generation and our world. Dumped or burned waste can impact our quality of life now and for the years to come. Instead of choosing to burn or dump your trash, consider utilizing an eco-friendly option. At ADM Rolloff, we have a transfer station devoted to getting rid of trash in the most environmentally responsible way possible. You can be rid of your trash without sacrificing your conscience. Whether using our transfer station or other eco-friendly measures, we applaud all our customers who handle their trash with care for our world.

The Benefits of Eco-Friendly Waste Disposal

·        Get Rid of Your Trash Buildup

·        Avoid Polluting Our Water Sources and Vegetation

·        Safeguard the Health of People

·        Protect the Lives and Habitats of Animals

·        Minimize Air Pollution

DIY Eco-Friendly Tips

·        Sort Your Trash—If you create different bins for the different recyclables as well as compost, you can greatly minimize the amount of stuff you are actually putting in your trash bags. Recycling glass, plastic, paper, and metal is easy to do and makes a significant difference for our planet. Composting can be beneficial for your yard and garden. Any food scraps can be placed in a compost bin and later transported outside to your compost pile. As compost breaks down, it can be reused to feed your soil.

·        Invest in Reusable Shopping Bags—This one step will seriously reduce the amount of plastic you are disposing of each month. Reusable shopping bags can generally be purchased for only a couple dollars each. You can store them in your car so you are ready for all of your errands.

·        Purchase a Reusable Water Bottle—Approximately 22 billion plastic water bottles end up in landfills and incinerators each year. This is completely unnecessary. If you buy a reusable water bottle, you can wash and refill it when needed. If your water does not taste good for drinking, consider a filtration system for your home. Not only will this be more economical, but you will also avoid adding to that 22 billion plastic bottles.

·        Use Cloth Diapers—If you have a child in diapers, consider swapping to fabric diapers. On average, 20 billion diapers are sent to the landfills each year. Even if you only swapped one of your child’s diapers per day with a cloth one, you would prevent 365 plastic diapers from getting to the landfill. One diaper change can make a big difference. Many parents determine that cloth diapering is far simpler than they realized once they try it out. In addition to helping the environment, you could save a tremendous amount of money. On average, you will save roughly $2 per day using cloth diapers instead of disposable. $2 may not seem like a lot, but it adds up when most kids stay in diapers over 2 years.

Going Green With ADM RollOff

If you are interested in being eco-friendly without the added effort, bring your trash and junk to our Transfer Station. Other than liquids and hazardous materials, we can accept pretty much anything else. You can have peace of mind about the environment without having to sort and recycle yourself. We will do the sorting work for you. Everything that can be recycled, we will recycle. Anything that cannot be recycled, we will dispose of in the most responsible way available. Eco-friendly without the effort can be a pretty sweet deal for a busy homeowner. You drop it off and we do the rest.

Bring all your waste to our Transfer Station! We can help you go green without sacrificing your time and energy.