The Importance of Burn Bans

May 11, 2021 | By Sean Bartram

Importance of Burn Bans

Burn bans are instituted based upon weather conditions or air quality. These bans are designed to protect people, wildlife, and the environment. There is a summer burn ban in Georgia which usually stretches from May 1st through September 30th. This ban helps combat negative air quality due to the impact of ground-level ozone. Although some types of burning are allowed during the year, trash is illegal to burn in Georgia year-round. Burning trash releases dangerous chemicals into the air and the surrounding soil. Burning can be legal and necessary at other points in the year, but we all must do our part during a burn ban. A burn ban can help prevent a forest fire and dangerous air conditions. ADM Rolloff is ready to help you discard your trash, green waste, and junk responsibly during this burn ban.

Burn Ban Basics

When air quality is degraded, states can choose to instill burn bans allowing for conditions to improve. Burning releases harmful carcinogens and soot particles which can be dangerous for humans and animals when weather conditions are stagnant. In some cases, the government will allow people to still use smoke-free gas pits or tables during this time.

·        Protect Air Quality—During burning, chemicals can be released into the air. Not only will you be breathing this air, but pollution from burning can infiltrate the surrounding soil and water supplies. Dangerous air quality can contribute to serious medical issues such as asthma, emphysema, respiratory problems, reproductive problems, developmental issues, nervous system damage, liver damage, and kidney damage. If you choose to burn during a burn ban, you are placing yourself and others at risk unnecessarily.

·        Prevent Forest Fires—In addition to poor air quality, burn bans can be placed because the current conditions are at a greater risk for a forest fire. When the weather is dry and windy, a forest fire can spark very easily. If a burning ember is carried from your fire through the air, it could land in the woods and set the area ablaze. Dry conditions will make leaves, sticks, bushes, and trees incredibly vulnerable to catching fire. A forest fire can kill wildlife, ravage animals’ habitats, negatively impact air quality, and damage nearby homes as well. Forest fires can also be very challenging to get under control once they get started during dry conditions. Even the smallest fire could spark a forest fire, so do not take the risk during a burn ban. A burn ban is a preventative measure to avoid a serious disaster.

·        Choose ADM Rolloff—Utilizing our service is a responsible choice for the health of people, nature, and our world. We will dispose of your trash in the most environmentally safe way possible. Other than hazardous materials or liquids, we can accept any trash or junk you have accumulated. In addition to making a green friendly choice, you can also feel at peace knowing you are making the right legal choice as well. Since burning trash is illegal in Georgia, you are making the most responsible decision in many regards.

Don’t burn your trash–bring it to our Transfer Station for safe and responsible disposal. ADM Rolloff is here to help you ditch the trash and junk!