The Benefits of Tree Trimming

April 5, 2021 | By Jake Bartram

Benefits of Tree Trimming

With pleasant temperatures from sunup to sundown, the spring is a great time for enjoying your yard. Yard work hardly seems like work when the weather is so nice. Spring is a great time for planting flower beds, but it is also a good season for giving TLC to your trees. Tree pruning is one simple way that you can improve the health of your trees. You may be surprised to learn that tree pruning has strong benefits for your trees and your home.

·        Help Your Trees Have Optimal Health—Tree trimming is beneficial to trees for many reasons. When you remove dying or damaged branches, you are allowing the tree to focus its nutrients on the healthy branches instead. Your tree will no longer be weighed down trying to recover lost cause branches. Thinning your tree’s crown can also allow for better air flow and sunlight, both of which are crucial for a tree to thrive. When you are trimming your tree, you are more likely to notice evidence of sickness or pests at an early stage. If you are unsure on proper tree trimming techniques, we recommend consulting with an arborist. Improperly pruning your tree could cause greater health problems. Arborists are tree doctors and can make recommendations on the branches which should be removed.

·        Prevent Damage to Your Home or Property—Branches falling on your roof can cause significant damage. Instead of waiting for a storm to knock them onto your home, garage, fence, or car, be proactive and trim branches which are precariously close. Your time spent tree trimming will be well worth it since you could be avoiding a major expense and hassle from tree damage. If you cannot tell which trees or branches are a risk to your home, a tree service with TRAQ (Tree Risk Assessment Qualification) certification can help you assess which trees or branches could be problematic for your home or property.

·        Choose ADM Rolloff’s Mulch Yard to Take Your Green Waste—After you have trimmed your trees, you are left with a pile of green waste. Instead of letting it clutter your yard or having to burn it, choose an environmentally beneficial solution. We accept green waste and recycle it into organic mulch. Mulch is extremely beneficial for tree and plant health. Your tree trimming is helping your yard, but then your tree is also giving back for the benefit of another tree’s long-term health. Choosing to use our mulch yard is a win win for you and the environment.

Bring all your limbs, trees, and branches to our Mulch Yard today. Your green waste will become useful mulch to deliver nutrients to trees and plants!