Inspiration for Your Home Renovations

June 8, 2020 | By Jake Bartram

Dumpster For Renovations College Park GA

With additional time at home amid the pandemic, many homeowners have engaged in home clean-out projects and renovations which may have been put off otherwise. Sometimes even simple changes can dramatically improve the appearance and function of your home. At ADM Rolloff, we are proud to partner with homeowners to reach their vision by providing dumpster rentals in Atlanta and beyond. Our dumpsters come in a variety of sizes to accommodate every project. We can help haul away the old so you can embrace the new. Our team can help you select the perfect dumpster to accommodate your renovation needs. If you are still exploring your vision for renovation, consider the following updates to transform your home:

Embrace an Open Concept for Your Kitchen and Living Area

Over time, modern home design has moved away from having separate defined rooms to having a flowing open space. While someone cooks in the kitchen, they can still enjoy the company of friends in the living area or watch their favorite television show. This open concept is ideal for entertaining as well as making your home feel more spacious. Your current kitchen could be opened by removing a wall, assuming the wall is not structurally essential.

Update Your Cabinetry

Dark wooden cabinetry was the standard choice in the past. Although some homeowners still prefer this look, white cabinetry has become the more common choice. Not only does white cabinetry make a kitchen appear larger and more spacious, but it also exudes cleanliness. When paired with white subway tile and white countertops, your kitchen becomes more open and a blank canvas for any other decor choices you choose for your space. You could consider painting your existing cabinetry and choosing updated hardware or replacing the cabinetry altogether.

Lighten Up Your Bathroom

Since completely expanding your bathroom may not be possible, consider the following updates which could make your bathroom feel larger. Choosing a white or light-colored paint can make the bathroom feel more serene and less claustrophobic. Floor choice is another opportunity to upgrade your space dramatically. Patterned tile floors have become a popular choice for bringing a touch of color and personality into a space. Since your bathroom is likely a smaller space, you can invest in a high-end tile without breaking your budget.

Paint Your Brick

Brick homes are appealing for their structural strength and low-maintenance qualities. In the past, unpainted brick was the standard choice. Now, you can paint your brick and instantly have an updated look that will not require constant repainting like a traditional wood home. Depending on your color choice, your home may even appear larger once painted. A coat of paint can bring your home into modern times.

If you are ready to get started on your home project, call ADM Rolloff today to schedule your dumpster or reserve online here.