5 Cleaning Projects to Tackle This Spring

April 14, 2020 | By Jake Bartram

Residential Junk Pickup

77% of American households reported participating in spring cleaning last year. Considering the coronavirus and shelter in place orders for numerous states, more homeowners will likely be spring cleaning this season. With more time at home, this could be the perfect time for your family to tackle the projects which you never have time for with your normal schedule. At ADM Rolloff, we are standing by with dumpster rentals to help support your spring cleaning. Our dumpsters come in a variety of sizes so regardless of the size of your project, we have the right one for you. 

  1. Window Cleaning

Clean windows make your home look well-cared for from the outside and allow you to truly enjoy the beauty of nature from inside. You will be surprised how much your home will be brightened by just completing this task. Do not forget to clean the inside and outside of your windows. If you are low on your window cleaner, mix equal parts vinegar and dish soap. 

  1. Garage Clean Out

Your garage can often become the catchall for all sorts of items from around your home. If you have not used the items in your garage in the past year, you probably do not need them. A dumpster could come in handy for disposing of trash or unwanted items. We always look for opportunities to recycle and consider our environment in the disposal process.

  1. Refrigerator Refresh

Despite how many times a day we visit our fridge, cleaning it out often gets put off. You may be surprised with how many expired items are in your refrigerator right now. If something has spilled, you could be allowing odors and bacteria to build up. Your refrigerator cannot operate as efficiently if it is unclean so do not forget to vacuum dust from your refrigerator coils while you are working on it. 

  1. Deep Clean Your Floors

Depending on the flooring types in your home, this process could include vacuuming, polishing, mopping, and/or steaming. Your floors could be holding onto a lot of debris and dust which could impact your air quality as well. 

  1. Closet Overhaul

Whether it is your clothes closet, pantry, linen closet, or any other closed space, closets can easily become overrun with clutter. When we can close a door, we can feel like our home is cleaner and more ordered than it is. In terms of clothing, most people wear roughly 40% of their wardrobe. Imagine the space you could have in your closet if you eliminated unused items. Since cleaning out a closet usually creates a mess in the process, only work on one at a time to help your home stay functional in your clean out process.

Regardless of your specific cleaning list, if you are creating more junk or trash than your normal trash can can fit, call ADM Rolloff for a residential dumpster rental. We can deliver a dumpster to your home while respecting social distancing guidelines. The entire process can be handled through our online dumpster reservation or over the phone. As you and your family have more time at home, take this time to make memories and get to that to-do list you have been hoping to finish. Let’s come out of this pandemic stronger and cleaner!