Fall Landscaping Tips

September 6, 2019 | By Sean Bartram

ADM Rolloff LLC

As the fall weather descends upon the Atlanta, Georgia area, you might be wondering how you can protect and nourish your yard over the next few months. At ADM Rolloff, our experts are proud to offer quality residential and commercial dumpster rentals for property improvement projects in the community. Do you need some tips for success? Here is some more information on what you can do to prepare your lawn and backyard garden for fall, and how a ADM Rolloff can make the process easier. 

Plant New Trees and Shrubs

Early fall is a popular time to transplant tree saplings and shrubs. Planting during this time offers a chance for seasonal rains to nourish the roots in the soil, while reducing shock. Fall transplanting is only recommended for certain varieties, so be sure to do some research, or get help from a professional arborist in your area. 

Prune Existing Trees and Hedges

For well established trees and shrubs, fall is a great time to trim excess limbs. Since the branches are rapidly dropping leaves, it is easier to see areas that need improvement. And, for species that are dormant in the fall, the shock of pruning will be significantly reduced. 

Add a Layer of Mulch

Mulching will help to retain water without the need to keep your sprinkler running in cold weather. Wood chips will also offer a layer of defense against the cold by maintaining warmth near the root systems of your trees, shrubs and perennials. Best of all, as the months unfold, the decaying mulch will offer extra nutrients for abundant growth in the spring.

Shut Down Irrigation and Sprinkler Systems

Winterizing your plumbing system is essential if you want to avoid frozen pipes over the winter. Many people avoid fluctuations in water temperature by insulating pipes. While this is essential, many forget to disconnect their outdoor water hoses, sprinklers and irrigation systems. Unfortunately, the cold weather can still negatively affect your pipes if these items remain connected to your system. If you’ve been able to plant, prune and mulch as described above, then your plants should stay cozy through the cooler weather. If you notice that a specific plant needs additional water, you can always do it by hand when necessary.

Need a Dumpster Rental to Help You Stay Organized? Call ADM Rolloff.

Today’s busy homeowners often prefer to complete their fall landscaping checklist in a single weekend. If that sounds like you, then we have a solution that will help you stay focused, tidy and well organized from start to finish. Our roll off dumpster rentals provide a large, reliable container to house all your debris and landscaping materials. There’s no reason to struggle with a huge mess on your work site and it isn’t necessary to take multiple trips to the landfill. Instead, call ADM Rolloff today, and we will drop off your dumpster on location, and haul it away when you’re finished. Contact our office to learn more about our offerings, or to schedule the perfect time for your next roll off dumpster rental.