Fun DIY Projects for First Time Homeowners

August 17, 2019 | By Sean Bartram

Fun DIY Projects for First Time Homeowners

First time home buyers are often working with a tight budget. For this reason, many seek out previously owned properties that need a little tender love and care. Thankfully, there are many fun, easy and affordable DIY projects that will give your new abode an instant facelift. The experts at ADM Rolloff are proud to offer durable, high quality roll off dumpsters for local home and business owners so they can stay organized and safe during any property improvements and construction projects. Are you looking for creative ways to give your first house a fast update? Here are some great ideas to get you started. 

Update Old Fixtures

One simple way to modernize an older home is to swap out any outdated fixtures. This can include lighting systems, ceiling fans, faucets, cabinet hardware, door handles, and similar items scattered throughout the home. You’ll see an immediate improvement, without investing a lot of time. 

Create a Basic Backyard Patio with Concrete Molds

If your priority is maximizing home value for selling in the future, then it’s best to invest in a wooden deck. However, if you’ve just moved in and your planning on staying in your first home for many more years, then you can opt for a basic patio made from concrete molds. Building a more elaborate porch is always an option, but if you’re itching to throw your first backyard bash, then all you need is a few plastic pathway molds and some bags of concrete mix. 

Improve Your Landscape Design

Is the lawn and backyard looking a little drab? Spruce it up with some beautiful ornamental trees, traditional hedges and pretty flowers. A little effort can go a long way when it comes to improving your new home’s curb appeal. 

Add a Fresh Layer of Paint

One of the best parts about being a homeowner is you can finally get creative with a property. Simply putting a fresh coat of paint in a color you love will make the new house uniquely your own. You can also change the entire look of the home by changing the hue of your external trim or siding. 

Refinish Countertops 

Did your new home come with twenty-year-old laminate countertops that make you cringe? Replacing the countertops is certainly the most popular option for homeowners. However, if you’re looking for a faster, more economical alternative you can refinish them instead. There are many methods available to suit any style or budget including painting with countertop coating in your desired shade or covering the existing laminate in epoxy resin. 

Stay Clean and Organized from Start to Finish – Call ADM Rolloff Today

Most new homeowners are excited to get started and want to get into action fast. If you’re planning a weekend rehab, then the best way to stay organized while replacing, repairing and improving your new property is to invest in a dumpster rental from ADM Rolloff. You’ll avoid unnecessary trips to the landfill and keep your work area tidy through the entire process. Call ADM Rolloff to learn more about our rental services or to schedule an appointment for your next drop off.