Dumpster Rental Mistakes

August 2, 2019 | By Jake Bartram

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Renting a roll off dumpster is the best way to stay organized during large residential and commercial projects. Whether you’re cleaning out the attic, remodeling your kitchen or building a backyard workshop, having a dumpster on site will help keep your work area neat and safe from start to finish. Unfortunately, first time dumpster renters sometimes make a few common errors. At ADM Rolloff, we strive to provide the highest quality dumpster rental services possible. We work hard to ensure that our residential and commercial clients have a satisfactory experience, and we want you to enjoy the same results. Here are some tips on how you can avoid these frequent dumpster rental mistakes. 

Throwing Out Hazardous Waste 

Many people assume that anything goes when it comes to tossing out their household waste. However, certain items like gasoline, batteries, food, house paint, industrial chemicals, hot water tanks, refrigerators, air conditioners and tires are normally restricted items. These dangerous substances cannot make their way to the local landfill and need to be handled differently. To avoid this issue, be sure to speak with your dumpster provider and get a list of non-accepted waste items. Doing so will help you prepare for alternative disposal methods if necessary. 

Failing to Plan for Placement 

First time renters often neglect to properly plan where their dumpster is going to be located. When the container arrives, they ask it to be delivered in a random location, without realizing they can’t get their car out of the garage. Sometimes people have the dumpster laid down on the grass in their front yard, but don’t realize the construction crew must walk through their prized landscaping to throw items into it. Find out the exact dimensions of the container before the drop off time, so you can measure your lawn or driveway and find the perfect spot. 

Permit Problems

Some cities require permits if your roll off dumpster is placed on the street or sidewalk. If you plan on keeping your container in a public area, then be sure to speak with the appropriate city officials. It’s best to know the rules ahead of time to avoid an unexpected fine or ticket. 

Choosing the Wrong Size Container

Dumpsters normally come in a variety of sizes to suit your unique needs. Container sizes are usually identified by the number of cubic yards it can hold. Atlanta Dumpsters offers 15 yard, 20 yard, 30 yard and 40 yard roll off containers, so that our clients have multiple options. Carefully consider how much waste you will have, and make the right choice for your project to get the best value for your purchase.  

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